Balfor manor
Landmark Information
Balfor Manor is located in the Province of Delmar, just outside the Territory Capital, Carrick. It is located high on a cliff that overlooks the sea, which can be seen from the back of the estate. It is a large manor that houses the Territory Queen, her triangle, the manor servants, and occasionally a few others. The front yard is a beautiful landscape of trimmed bushes and trees, as well as a few flowerbeds along the drive. There is also ivy that crawls up the front of the manor, though it tends to cover one side more than the other.

In the back of the estate, there are elaborate gardens and even a labyrinth created from tall, trimmed hedges. At the center of the labyrinth is the Queen's personal garden as well as a beautiful fountain. Though the garden fell into disuse during the rule of Sophia Kyran, it is beginning to return to the beautiful garden that it had once been. It is open to anyone that is spending time at the manor, but it is tended to mostly by the Queen herself.

Balfor Manor was once the home of the Balfor Queens, who had ruled Dena Nehele for many generations. Ellsabeth Balfor was the Queen that finally declared war with Shalador when they had begun to invade the territory. This estate had been the seat of power in Dena Nehele for so long that it was only natural to have that tradition continue even after the Balfor line no longer produced a Queen that was capable of ruling the territory. From that point forward, every Territory Queen moved into Balfor Manor and spent her rule inside of this beautiful estate.

It is currently the home to Nikole D'Aubergine as well as her triangle. Under her watchful eye, the gardens are all being restored and there seems to be life returning to the manor. All of the rooms have been opened up for use by anyone and it has started to become a place that her Court enjoys spending time in.

Landmark Information Written by Kristin

The Staff
  • Seneschal: Open
  • Butler: Donovan Cluney
  • Head Cook: Open (see suggestion)
  • Head Gardener: Open
  • Guards: Open
  • Footmen: Open
  • Maids: Open
  • Other Staff: Open

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