Belladonnah thread
Basic Information
Race: Chaillotian
Age: 24 years old
Caste: Hearth witch
Nicknames: She doesn't really have any nicknames since she prefers her first name as it is. She really isn't a fan of the name Bella though and therefore doesn't like it when people call her that.
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Commoner
Playby: Claire Danes
Creator: Kristin

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Summer-sky (94)
Offering Jewel: Opal (7)
Strengths: Belladonnah has always been good at the craft that is needed to keep a home running properly. She has always found things like warming spells, and other stand hearth witch things, have just always come naturally to her. She has just always enjoyed doing basic craft and working around the home, and considering her parents had the same tendency it was really not all that surprising that she grew into a fine hearth witch. She has always been drawn to gardening as well, though she is more interested in growing herbs and spices over anything else. That is a bit more difficult now considering the climate that she has to work with in Shalador but she is managing to maintain a nice herb garden.
Weaknesses: Though Belladonnah is quite capable when it comes to basic craft and even creating shields, she tends to have difficulty with anything past the basics. Though, she never really had the desire to try and learn some of the more difficult skills and she definitely didn't have the desire to train any of the available castes. She was perfectly content with the idea of being a hearth witch.


Belladonnah is a fairly outgoing individual and loves to talk to people. She will strike up a conversation with a stranger as long as she gets a good vibe from them and doesn't even really think twice about it. She does pay attention to protocol though and will try and be respectful to anyone around her. She also expects people to give her the same respect that she gives them, though that obviously doesn't always happen since she is just a commoner. She likes to think that she is a pretty fun person to be around as well since she likes to be a bit random and goofy when she is around her friends and family. She enjoys making people laugh if she can and will usually try to lighten the mood a bit when things get tense.

Belladonnah is sort of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person. She wears her heart on her sleeve so to speak and has a tendency to have trouble masking her emotions and her thoughts. She is definitely not a person that will say one thing and then turn around and do the exact opposite. She won't talk about a person behind their back simply because she doesn't see the point. She will usually speak her mind as well, though she almost always tries to do it in a way that it will not be hurtful. She has never been a big fan of talking about herself though. She just feels weird when she has to talk about what kind of a person she is or what her past is like. There is nothing to hide at all, but she just isn't comfortable with doing it.

She is a fairly neat person and likes to keep everything around her as tidy as possible. In fact, she can be almost obsessive compulsive about it. If she sees something that is a bit messy or out of place, she just feels the need to clean it. She knows that it probably gets on the nerves of some people, but she's a hearth witch and she thinks that a messy area only says something bad about her skills. She does her best not to get on other people's cases about it, but it does drive her a little bit crazy when people make a mess in her space. She especially doesn't like the idea of someone else in the kitchen... well unless they manage to put everything back in its place and don't make more work for her in the long run.

When it comes to her kitchen, she likes things to always be in their right place, the place to remain fairly spotless, and she especially likes it when no one else tries to cook there without her supervising or knowing. The kitchen is sort of like her sanctuary really and she doesn't like it when people invade that space and disrupt it. It would be like someone going into another's person study or bedroom and moving things around or making a mess. She tries not to get too insane about it, but she will definitely snap on someone who has left the place looking like a disaster.

Though she is a kind person by nature, she has a little bit of a temper on her. She isn't afraid to tell someone when they are being an idiot and she will not hesitate to yell at someone if they do something that they shouldn't, make a mess, or just are rude in general. Though, she is more likely to tell off a friend than she is a random stranger but it really depends on the situation. She tends to be very protective of the people she cares about and will usually think about their well-being before she thinks about hers. She is fiercely loyal as well and once she chooses to align herself with someone as a friend or even a follower, she will remain loyal to them to then end.


Belladonnah was born the only child to Rose and Jefferson Varangi, a Hearth Witch and a Blood male. They lived on a small farm in the Aurum Montis Province in Chaillot and they lived a rather simple life really. She spent most of her childhood learning to be a Hearth Witch from her mother and working on perfecting all of those skills since she did enjoy it. She also learned how to garden and even some basic farming skills and how to take care of the animals from her father, though she definitely didn't enjoy the farming quite as much.

The craft needed to be a good Hearth Witch were engrained into her at a very young age so it was no surprise really when that is what she had become. Her childhood was nothing too exciting really, but she was a happy little girl nonetheless. Her family was very close-knit and she grew up in a loving household. She also made friends easily with the neighboring children and would often spend her free-time with them. When she underwent her Birthright Ceremony, her parents were a little surprised that she was gifted with a jewel that was the equivalent of her father's offering. Everyone had just sort of assumed that she would end up with a lighter jewel like both of her parents. Summer-sky is not a dark jewel of course, but it was just darker than anyone had been expecting.

She continued learning how to be a good Hearth Witch from her mother and shared in the household chores happily since she actually enjoyed doing all of the chores, especially the cooking. She found that she had a natural talent when it came to baking and would often experiment with new recipes just to see what she could create. She spent most of her free time in the kitchen or tending the small herb garden that she had been growing since she was younger. Things were going pretty good in her life until around the time that she was finally old enough to receive her offering.

Her mother fell ill and became unable to really do much around the house for a few years so Belladonnah had to step up and lend a hand. She took responsibility for all of the cleaning and cooking and finally got to put all of her skills as a Hearth Witch to the test. Though she didn't like the idea of her mother being sick, she was relieved that it gave her an excuse to put off her Offering for a bit. It was a bit silly really, but she wasn't really looking forward to receiving her Offering. She was just under the impression that she might feel like she was wasting her ability if she ended up with a dark jewel.

Over the next few years, Belladonnah devoted her time to making sure things ran well in the family home and that her mother would be able to get well without really worrying about things. Once her mother was well, she started taking over the household chores again. It meant that there was less for Belladonnah to do now, but also that she began to feel like she was at the point in her life where she should be moving out on her own. She was a little apprehensive about the idea at first considering she had spent her entire life on the family farm, but she decided that it was time considering she was twenty-one years old by this time.

She wasn't really sure where she was going to go, but then all the chaos happened with the change of rulers. She learned that no one was really willing to take the position as Head Cook at Chateau d'Marmont and though it wasn't necessarily the ideal place to work, it was a job and it would get her out of her parent's house finally. She applied for the position and was hired, though she isn't really sure what to expect from the Warlord Prince who was ruling Chaillot at the time.

Whatever she had been expecting though, nothing could have prepared her for the life that she had in store for her at the Chateau d'Marmont. Within her first week, she was scolding Lysandre Gervaise like he was a little boy and not the man that ruled the land that was her home. She got to know the others that worked there and that formed the Territory Court and in that strange place, she found people who had become like family to her. Then all hell broke loose with the death of the Steward and the war with Shalador. On top of all that, Lysandre Gervaise slipped into the Twisted Kingdom and disappeared. His sister Cipriana has now stepped into the position of Ruler and Belladonnah is once again finding herself on a path that she is unsure of. Everyone is settling into a new pattern and she is looking forward to seeing what will come of the changes.

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