Inspiration: Russia

The Land

200+ words describing the climate and general terrain of the territory.

The People

250+ words describing the people and the culture of the territory.

The Territory Capital: ENTER NAME HERE
100+ words describing the capital city.

The Past

250+ words outlining the basic history of the territory, including what they were like before the war, how they entered the war, and a little bit about what they were like after peace began.

The Present

250+ word description of the current plot that is going on in this territory.

Territory Information Written by PLAYER NAME

The Territory Court

Madelian Ophira, Ruler of Askavi
Red to Ebon-gray Jeweled Black Widow Priestess Queen

Blood Triangle

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Open
  • High Priestess: Keelian Bryde
  • Head of the Hourglass Coven: Open

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Askavi

  • Open


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