Basic Information
Race: Shaladorian
Age: 21
Caste: Healer Queen
Nicknames: Celeste doesn't really have any nicknames. She is just generally called Celeste or Lady Rancaya.
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Aristocrat
Playby: Kristin Kreuk
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Sapphire (100)
Offering Jewel: Red (22)
Strengths: She has deep strength to her jewels, which made her feel a little isolated when she was younger, because she was stronger than her entire family. She is a deeply gifted and natural Healer. She also studied Hearth Craft as a teen, as a side interest, and has learned everything her sister could teach her about Hearth Craft.
Weaknesses: Her shields aren't as strong as they should be. She can form a shield and use it as normal, surrounding several people or a building, depending on size, but it is not as strong as it should be. If she strains herself too much trying to create a shield that is too big, it will fail. She can reliably shield herself for any length of time, but repeated damage to the shield will eventually cause it to fail. She has a good grasp of basic Craft.


Celeste is a friendly person. She enjoys life. She loves to laugh, and joke. She has a small streak of mischief that dances through her, though she hardly ever lets it come out to play. She enjoys spending time with people. She loves to ride and dance. Her eyes constantly sparkle with happiness. It takes great emotion to shake her from her joyfulness. While she is a happy person if anyone should ever hurt her she refuses to let people see that it bothers it, refusing to cry in front of anyone. It takes great sadness, anger, or hostility to remove that sparkle from her eyes. She is fiercely protective of her people and family.

She treats people around her friendly and warm, though she has learned from experience to stay reserved to a point until she can trust them. Celeste is always friendly and kind. She is likable in that she is friendly, but she can be ruthless. She can be hostile, and even fierce when she needs to be. She is somewhere between outgoing and shy, and it depends on the person whom she interacts with.

When uncomfortable or unsure Celeste will always reverts back to Protocol. She loves children and any person who harms a child will face her wrath. She sees landens as her people too and are just as fierce to defend them as she is the Blood. She enjoys healing people and helping people, all of which are hallmarks of a good Queen. She wants more than anything to do her duty but she longs to find love as her parents and siblings all have.

She is generous, giving what she can, and refusing payment or reward. She is also thirsty for knowledge. She loves learning, and will learn all the skills she can. Celeste used to love to sparing with her brothers. They taught her to use a dagger to defend herself. Its not much, but between that and her shields it made her feel safe. Her brothers and father, of course, were less sure. They insisted on keeping a close eye on her, which is where she gets her dislike of being closely watched, and her decisions made for her, as well as being told what to do.


Her parents were part of the same clan. Their mothers were good friends and often spent many hours together, as did their children. At first her parents were just close friends, as children often are. As they grew older, their feelings grew as well, until they realized they loved each other. They became adults and they made their Offering to the Darkness and received their Jewels. Her mother, Blysh, was recognized as part of the Priestess caste as a young girl and began training to take over for the Priestess of their District.

She served in a Court to their District Queen, and her father served in the second circle of the same Court. They served their contracts and then her father retired from Court life. They married, as they had wanted to do since they’d been teens. As a family they all lived close enough to the district Court that her mother could attend the Queen and Court when needed. With her parents careful saving and planning they bought horses.

Her father began to breeds and sell horses while her mother continued to serves as Priestess for their District Court. Her sister, Deanna, was born first a few years after their parents marriage. While she wore the Jewels she did not belong to a caste. Her older brother Ashtar was born next; just a few years after Deanna and he showed signs of being a Warlord Prince. Her brother Praxis was born a short time following their oldest brother. He wore the caste of a Warlord. Their parents were satisfied with their children.

And then, several years later, her mother became pregnant again. Celeste grew up the much loved, much cherished, youngest daughter. Spoiled with attention, caring and love from her parents and siblings. Her siblings were over joyed to realized they were going to have a new baby sister, someone to boss around, and play with; her parents were surprised by another child, especially a girl. They were surprised and delighted.

When Celeste was a child she was identified as being part of both the Queen and Healer castes. She was younger than all her siblings and while her sister was getting married, she had barley reached her adolescence. Her sister tutored her in Hearth Craft. It was a much used part of craft, but to her sister's opinion, a sadly lacking part in some of the higher castes education. So she taught Celeste much of what she used.

Her mother and father were wealthy but not rich. She took many classes and tutors with the daughter of the District Queen, who was a year older than Celeste. Celeste became a fully trained Healer sometime after her eighteenth birthday. She waited to make her Offering to the Darkness until she was twenty years old. Only then did she feel ready to make the Offering.

Current Plot
Celeste has had a rough couple years. She became Co-Ruler of the Territory on the cusp of war. A war on two fronts. When her Co-Ruler is killed in battle she sues for peace. Thankfully new Rulers of both Challiot and Askavi are amendable to peace.

Except all her Co-Ruler she appoints after the death of Prince Grayson lasts only a few months. As does his next successor. Dealing with the trying and petty Warlord Princes makes her want to Rule by herself, but she knows that may cause a civil war if she ignores the treaty that was signed by the Clans demanding male and female co-ruler of Shalador. They are still recovering from the two-front war, they can't afford a civil war now.

While dealing with these issues her Consort and future husband take their adopted daughter and flees the Territory without warning or explanation, leaving her heartbroken with intense feelings of betrayal. She's beginning to recover with the help of her longtime friend Oz and with the return of her adopted daughter.

That would no doubt be enough for any woman to deal with, but there is also a mysterious plague that is sweeping across the Provinces. It hasn't quite reached Shal's Keep, but its only a matter of time. People are dying and Healers can't seem to help the illness. Their ships are being quarantined and the economy is failing with each boat that isn't allowed to leave.

Current Relationships
Lainey Reece (Adopted Daughter) - Opal Jeweled witch

Salasdar Makoe (Steward & Friend) - Opal to Green Jeweled Warlord
Oz Maitri (Best Friend, Master of the Guard, & Future Relationship) - Summer Sky to Opal Jeweled Prince
Rhosyn Ayres (Court Healer) - Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Jeweled Healer
Allegra Delaney (Ward) - Summer Sky Jeweled Healer
Tony Stoddard (Stable Mistress) - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Jeweled witch