Basic Information
Race: Nharkavan
Age: 25
Caste: Black Widow Queen -Queen hidden via Illusion-
Nicknames: Chione, Chi
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Commoner
Playby: Donia Hamed
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Red (74)
Offering Jewel: Ebon-Gray (9)
Strengths: Chione is not an aristo, so she is adept at using hearth craft to keep her home nice and to take care of what needs to be done. She can use her Queen caste craft well, though she has had very limited opportunity. She is very adept at using her Black Widow Craft. She can weave the webs expertly. She loves to play with poisons and their antidotes. She can walk into and out of the Twisted Kingdom without getting lost, and she's very good at leading people out of the Kingdom as far as they are able to go. She's fairly well grounded in basic craft and all that it entails.
Weaknesses: Besides Healing the land, which is a totally different skill set, Chione isn't very good at Healing. It could be very possible that it was her own failure with Healing Craft that led to the contraceptive brew failing when she got pregnant. Besides that she has some issues with some shields, like the sight shields. She can manage the aural shield, but her sight shield is almost useless. She isn't well versed in seduction craft or death craft much to her disgust. She doesn't know any Priestess Craft either, in fact, has only spent time with a Priestess when she had her Birthright Ceremony and made her Offering to the Darkness.


Chione is a level headed, no-nonsense woman who can kick ass and takes names. She knows exactly what she wants and focuses on those goals completely. She could be called stubborn by some and determined by others. Besides her determination she is also a fairly kind person.

She is devoted to her daughter, whom she loves beyond words. Her daughter is a bright spot in the otherwise dark parts of her life. When Chione makes a friend (a true friend) its for life and she is loyal to them. She is honest, caring, and devoted.

She was raised from birth to know her duty as Queen and to fulfill it. Being a Black Widow has helped distract her from ruling until now. She loves being a Black Widow and she is excited beyond measure that she's going to be able to be the Queen as well. It feels like it has always been a choice of one or the other, but never both. She is excited that soon she'll be able to be both, not just one or the other.

She is caring and kind, but it's a mistake to think that shes sweet or cuddly to anyone besides her closest friends and family. She is as ruthless as she needs to be. She might not want to, but since when does want have anything to do with need? She's likable and she'll try to treat others with respect so long as she is able.

If she were going to be described it would be introverted. She's not shy. Not really. More she's silent until it's time to speak. She puts careful thought into her words before she speaks. She's secretive mostly because of her daughter. If risking her life were the only one she probably wouldn't be so closed mouthed, but with the life of her daughter... She holds confidence close to her heart and speaks only when she's certain.


Chione's mother Sabah was raised to bring to bear all the things that mark Nharkavaians. She is cunning, manipulative, and very deeply paranoid. When she became a Black Widow for the Hourglass Coven she was also ambitious. Weaving a Tangle web one evening revealed something to her. A Queen was coming, one that would be powerful. This Queen could be what Nharkava needed, she would bring change. The web didn't say if it was a good change or a bad, only that there would be change. It said more. She was able to read the signs, and believed that it pointed to her child. Her first, and only, born daughter.

She had a slave, a male named Abasi, who was hers. She closed up her home and sold her things and moved down the river to the southern most Province of their homeland. Far from the prying watchful eyes of her Sisters of the Coven and the Territory ruler.

There in the private sanctuary that she made for herself and her slave, she got pregnant and gave birth to her daughter. It was almost immediately apparent that the girl was a Queen, and the sweet taste of victory was worth the price of giving up the capitol city.

Now that she had the daughter she'd dreamed of she didn't know what to do with it. It was a baby, and it required work and care, but it couldn't learn the lessons she wanted to teach it. Not yet. She put the child in her father's control and told him to name it and care for it. Abasi named his daughter Chione which meant Mythical Daughter of the Hepmeht and Eshe which meant Life as her middle name. The Hepmeht was life to their people and he thought it fitting she bear both names.

For the first several years of Chione's life she only saw her mother in passing. Her father cared for her constantly and gave her a foundation for her beliefs. If her mother had known the affect her father would have on her she probably would have raised the girl herself.

Chione learned that even though her was a salve he deserved respect and care. He worked better when he wasn't around her mother because he wasn't scared. He was never scared of Chione. The unconditional love of her father was a steady reassuring presence in her young life.

By the time she reached the age where she started practicing basic Craft that could be used without the Jewels her mother decided to start having an active interest in her life. Many hours were now spent learning with her mother. She learned Craft and Protocol. She learned writing, mathematics, history, astrology. She started learning about the Hourglass Coven and their teachings and methodology. She learned the common language as well as the Nharkavaian. If her mother couldn't teach her something then her mother brought her tutors.

Then came her Birthright Ceremony. She loved the pretty Red Jewel she got a few minuets alone with. It was bright and shiny, but she knew what it meant. Her mother still spoke of the Tangled Web and what it meant. And she'd heard for as long as she could remember that she would be Queen of the Territory, that she was strong. When she stepped outside with her pretty Red Jewel her parents were waiting. Her mother didn't acknowledge the paternity of her father, simply stated that the father was a slave and had no rights to the child. That hurt Chione's father she saw, so it was to him she want to show her new Jewel.

If her lessons before had kept her busy her new lessons were even more so. They were handled carefully as it meant that she now, as a child, outranked both her parents. She learned how to shield and how to probe her food and drinks for poisons and things that didn't belong. She learned to levitate and communicate across the psychic webs, using distaff and staff threads. A Queen came to give her lessons and teach her what she needed to know for her Queen craft, and gave the advice that she should join a Court for seeing everything in use, as well as for polish. Which, of course, her mother ignored. That would put her daughter entirely too much in the open.

Her life continued on like this until she was seventeen when she fell in love, or was it in lust? She can't be sure anymore. It felt like love then. He was smart and handsome and he became the center of her very short existence. She managed to get him to do her Virgin Night. Unfortunately the contraceptive brew failed for whatever reason and she came up pregnant. Her mother tried to convince her to abort the baby, saying she could have one later, but Chione was stubborn. She'd not give up her child.

Her mother wouldn't let it go and finally Chione was forced to leave. She fled and managed to get into another Territory in order to have a decent life. For the first few years it was hard with her daughter and being alone with no help, but it got easier. She invested some of her painfully hard earned money and managed to hire someone to help her. She resisted the urge to set up a Court and rule. Instead she poured her heart into her Black Widow Craft, and into her daughter.

They'd been away from Nharkava for a few years when she heard about the current Queen bringing back the Ennaed Game. She tried to close her ears for the last two years of talk about the mad Queens and how the dark veil of depression and fright have covered the common people. She tried to ignore the whispers of the deaths that plagued the Game and how anyone who could afford to leave the capital did leave.

She can no longer ignore the pain that comes with not ruling. She can't pretend it doesn't hurt to hear about how fearful the people are in the land she loves so much. She was trained for this her entire life, whether or not she was destined for it is another matter, but she was most definitely born for it. She would not endanger herself or her daughter if she didn't feel confident she could win this test she was born for.

But its time to stop hiding.

She explained what she could to her daughter and decided to leave her in the relative safety of their well established life. She promised she'd call for her when it was safe for them to be reunited, leaving in her daughter's possession a necklace made with a chip of her own Red and Ebon-Gray Jewels, a protective shield wove tight in order to protect her daughter if she needed it. She carefully hid her trail and covered her tracks as she made her way back to Nharkava and the capital city. She was covered with Webs to appear only to be a Red Jeweled Black Widow, hiding her true power and her caste.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Makara Baioumi (Daughter) - Non Jeweled Healer

Hidar Thulani (Lover) - Yellow to Tiger Eye Jeweled Warlord Prince

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