Hajri newpro
Basic Information
Race: Eyrien
Age: 2202 (28)
Caste: Black Widow Queen
Nicknames: Haj, Hajri
Sexuality: Bisexual
Social Status: Aristo
Playby: Eva Mendas
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Opal (60)
Offering Jewel: Green (62)
Strengths: Hajrian knows her Craft, she is extremely adept at her basic Craft and her Hourglass Craft. She is also skilled in seduction Craft, she can use seduction craft subtly or with the full effect of a woman who serves a Red Moon House. She uses death magic with the best of them, a trait she learned after she earned her freedom, and one she highly prizes.
Weaknesses: She knows her weaknesses and tries to hide them, worse, if a person should point out her own flaws. She is unable to pass through solid objects reliably, which she hates, if she had been better at this skill she is certain that she could have passed though her chains, her cells, and out of slavery much sooner than she had. She also is not that good at Healing Craft having never been trained in it. She has a little knowledge that she learned as a slave and it is knowledge she paid dearly for.


Hajrian has a difficult personality. Some say she walks the road of the Twisted Kingdom, and they are both right and wrong. As a Black Widow she knows how to walk the roads of madness and return with her mind and jewels intact, as a woman she walks the fine line of a shattered mind.

At times she can be a Queen whom is strong and can incite love among her People, especially among the men bound to her Service. She treats them extremely well, they are beloved of her, and she treasures them beyond measure. At other times she is vicious, petty, and hateful. She can torture people without a blink of an eye, and shave a man just for the enjoyment it brings her. She can order the breaking of a Sister witch with a smile, and bemoan the fact that a man lost his wife in childbirth.

She is, at heart, a selfish creature. She wants her own pleasures and her own joys. She wants to be protected, but at the same time she wants vengeance for the 1000 years of slavery that was forced on her. 1000 years as a pleasure slave, a gift for males, and females. She loves Raej because in it she has found a place hard like her and a place that she hates beyond all measure. She walks a broken path, a slippery hill between madness and sanity.

She hates Ranee for taking the power she has wielded for the last 500 years and at the same time hopes that Ranee can be the Queen Raej needs. Hajrian knows that if Ranee had been the Queen when she was a slave that her life would have been more decent than it was.


Denanar and Alidhan were both part of a small village. They grew up together and fell in love with the natural course of events. Both were well loved in their community and they married at a reasonable but young age. They wanted nothing more than to live a happy life. They Summer Sky Birthrights and when they made their Offering both were darkly jeweled. They didn’t know where their children would fall on the Jewel scale, and they didn’t really care, as commoners they just wanted to live happy lives with their children.

Their first child they named Denan after her father. She was a lightly Jeweled Healer, and they did what they could to get her the training she needed to one day gain her Healer status. Their second child followed quickly and they named her Marian. Marian was born both to a caste but they didn’t care. She grew alongside her sister and they became close. Once both girls were in their adolescence Alidhan got pregnant again. This time it was a boy they named Raymar. He was a part of the Warlord caste. Their final child was born just a few years after Raymar and they named her Hajrian and she was born a member of dual castes which was unusal. She was born with both the Black Widow and the Queen caste. The parents were happy with their four children and the children grew into the family.

Training came and went for all the children in different ways. Raymar went to hunting camps and learned with sticks and blades. Denan completed her Healer training and Marian became a hearth witch and decided to marry. Hajrian trained with her mother on her Black Widow craft. Marian became pregnant only a few years after her marriage and presented the family a baby girl whom they named Serephan.

Hajrian was home, just about to head out to go to her new placement as a fully trained member of the Hourglass Coven to serve the Territory Court when their village was attacked. The attacking force was strange and strong. They cut down those who fought hard, so Hajrian watched the attackers cut down her brother and father. Her mother grabbed a knife and went to defend her husband, so they killed her too. Marian and Denan stood with her to hold back forces while she hid young Serephan. She hid the girl-child and shielded her tightly, she quickly wove a tangled web for concealment around the girl and hoped it would be enough. With the last of her strength she sent out a message to the neighboring village and told them what had happened and where Serephan was. That was her last act as she hurried down stairs to try and help her sisters. She collapsed when she found them both already dead. She never knew what happened to her niece.

Thus began her life in slavery. She was taken to the Raejian slave market and sold to the highest bidder. She was a virgin and they tried to break her, but she managed to keep herself from being broken, or shattered. Because of her beauty she became a pleasure slave forced her serve whomever bought her. The only craft she was allowed to practice was her seduction craft, and so she did, learning everything she could. She tried to escape many times, and she failed every time. When she fought back against her master she was beaten. 1000 years of slavery and abuse did not break her but it did not leave her whole either.

She was given her freedom from slavery by her owner, and he didn’t live long enough to regret it. She also put to use the information she learned as a pleasure slave, she found the descendants of her original owner and she seduced them and then killed them. She was violent and she killed the ruler of Raej. she was violent and she became Province quickly. Her next move was to make sure the Territory Queen was her puppet. She ruled Raej, confining the slave trade to Raej. Until Ranee took over as Territory Ruler. Here was a slave turned ruler brat who would ruled and thought herself above Hajrain. One day she hoped to make Ranee Jakhul regret the decision to taking the Territory ruler-ship, but not this day.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Rafael Andrayos (Slave) - Summer Sky to Green Jeweled Prince

Remy Wilks (Slave) - Rose to Opal Jeweled Prince

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