Jaspar thread
Basic Information
Race: Eyrien
Age: 1138 (28)
Caste: Black Widow Warlord Prince
Nicknames: He has never really had any nicknames before.
Sexuality: He is definitely is straight.
Social Status: He was born a commoner and has lived as one his entire life. Now he is technically a Aristo though since he stands at Madelian's side as First Escort.
Playby: Andreas Lundin
Creator: Kristin

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Green (14)
Offering Jewel: Sapphire (17)
Strengths: There are two things that Jaspar truly exceeds at when it comes to his craft and that is weaving webs and offensive craft. He started learning the ways of a Black Widow at a very young age since he was raised by the Coven and he always had a particular knack for the weaving of webs. They are always woven strong and he doesn't have to worry about them breaking and he usually has no problem reading them. Also, due to the fact that he is Eyrien and spent many years perfecting his fighting technique, he has managed to be quite skilled at offensive craft.
Weaknesses: He is absolutely hopeless when it comes to Healing craft, outside of the very basics that any warrior needs to know on the battlefield. He has also learned about moontime tonics as he spent his life around a bunch of women, but past that he is quite happy to leave healing to Healers. He also has some trouble with passing items through other things, but that is not one that he will readily admit. It was just not something that he focused on as a child really.


Jaspar is a man that knows what he wants out of life and he isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get it. He wants to see Askavi restored to its former glory and go back to the days when the Old Ways were still observed and he wants to do whatever he can to help Madelian be the Queen to do just that. He decided long ago that he would stand by her for as long as she wanted him there, even if that meant dealing with all of the assholes in Askavi who tried to stand in her way as she ascended to the throne.

There are very few people who know the true man that he is though since Jaspar tends to be a very different person in public than he is when around his friends. He is often viewed by others as an overly serious man with a large chip on his shoulder... which in a way he does. He has lived a very different life in Askavi than most Eyrien males, so he simply doesn't have the same mindset as them. When he hears people talking about how light jeweled Blood should be sent back to the Darkness like they don't matter or how all of the other territories have it wrong and women were not supposed to rule, he tends to get a bit upset. He was raised to believe the opposite of that after all and he certainly isn't afraid to speak his opinion on the matter. The fact that he has mixed blood certainly doesn't help his relationship with others outside of the circle of friends he has had for most of his life either.

He doesn't come off as the friendliest of people when he first meets someone since he expects them to judge him or Madelian and assumes that they will treat him poorly as that has been his experience in the past. It can be very hard to get to know him as well, but he does eventually warm up to people who show that they have a brain and know how to actually use it instead of just buying into all of the propaganda that had been spreading in Askavi for as long as anyone could remember. Once you get to know him, most people find him to be rather warm and friendly.

Jaspar is completely different when he is surrounded by only his friends though. He is calm and relaxed and almost always seen smiling. He enjoys giving his friends a hard time and expects them to do the same to him. The hard veneer that had been built up over the years when dealing with people outside of the Hourglass Coven falls away completely and simply leaves him and nothing else. He is incredibly caring and is always looking out for his friends and his mother in whatever way that he can. He is also very protective of the people that he cares about and if anything ever happens to them then he will be there to deal with it.

He has a temper, though that really isn't surprising when you take into consideration that is a mostly Eyrien Warlord Prince. If he is stressed or dealing with something that he doesn't want to then it is really quite easy to piss him off. The surefire way to do so though is by seeing Madelian with another man or hearing about her with someone else. It is very hard for him to not want to rip someone's head off in that instance but as she seems to refuse to accept his claim on her and take only him as her lover, he tries his best to control it... it just gets really hard at time. Madelian is the only person that can calm him though when he does snap.


Katrian Verochka was a witch that was born with mixed blood, though that was not something that one would be able to tell from her simply at a glance. Her features were completely Eyrien and there were no signs of Chaillotian blood in her at all. As a child though, she was not really accepted by her peers considering she aged so much faster than they did and that was what had marked her as having mixed blood. When she was of age and showed signs of being a Black Widow, her father shipped her off to the Hourglass Coven and washed his hands of her completely. The Coven became her family after that though and in the long run her life was better because of it.

It was a chance meeting that brought Katrian and Ozkar together. She had been in town gathering some supplies and shopping when she literally bumped into the Warlord. He was taken with her beauty instantly though and because of that, he was not all that upset about the collision at all. He insisted on helping her with the rest of her shopping and even escorted her back to her home. The very next day he called upon her again and tried to convince her to have dinner with him. She said no that night and even the next, but by the third day she had finally decided to agree.

That was how the whirlwind relationship began and things were good for awhile. They dated for about a year and Katrian was madly in love with him when she got the news that she was pregnant. She didn't know it then, but the birth of her child would change her life forever. Things were still great between her and Ozkar until the time their son was born. As soon as Jaspar opened his eyes, it became clear that Katrian was not pure Eyrien like Ozkar had assumed and he would not tolerate having a halfbreed for a son. He refused to acknowledge that Jaspar was his and instantly broke off his relationship with Katrian.

At first Katrian was absolutely heartbroken, but with the help of her sisters in the Coven she realized that it was probably for the better since now her son wouldn't be corrupted by the males in Askavi but instead could be molded into a good man by Katrian and the rest of the Coven. They could instill the beliefs and values of old into him. Besides, it didn't hurt that they had seen in a few webs that he would become a strong ally for one of their sisters if raised in that manner.

From the time he was born, there were two women that played a major role in his life and only one of those was his mother. The other woman was Madelian Ophira and though he never really understood why she helped his mother so much while he was growing up, even at a very young age he knew that she would be someone that would be a constant in his life. He grew up thinking of her like an older sister of sorts since she looked so much younger than her mother, though one of the things he noticed at even a young age, was that while he got older she did not physically appear to. It was that little thing that showed him that he was different than most Eyriens even at such a young age.

He did not grow up like other Eyrien males and as far as he was concerned, that was a good thing. He grew up surrounded by strong, beautiful women who showed him that they were not as weak as most Eyrien males saw them to be, and if anything, they were far more intelligent than most gave them credit for. They taught him the olds ways of the Blood and to respect women in a way that he never would have learned had he been raised by his father. He learned the ways of Protocol from the time that he was old enough to speak as the Black Widows expected no less of him, though they did give him some leniency due to the fact that he was a little boy and therefore rather unpredictable.

When he turned 52 years old, he underwent his Birthright Ceremony and couldn't have been happier when Madelian agreed to be the Priestess that oversaw it as she was practically family and it meant a lot to him. It didn't even really bother him all that much that he was officially labeled a Bastard at that point as his father was never named. He was just glad to be around the people that did care about him and the fact that he walked away wear a Green Birthright Jewel certainly didn't hurt either.

Shortly after that day, Katrian made the decision to start her son's training not only in Basic Craft but also the Black Widow Craft. It was far too early for them to know if he would be one of the rare natural male Black Widows, but she felt that it was to make him at least a trained one and it would make his connection to the Coven a little bit less odd as he grew older. He also started training in the Eyrien art of fighting, though he did not join the training camps like most Eyrien youths did. Katrian had not wanted his mind to get poisoned by the thoughts of the other males nor had she wanted his mixed blood or the fact that he was a bastard to make life harder for him. After discussing her concerns with one of her sisters, a solution was found. Jesselian Mirandov had discussed the situation with her husband Mikhailar, who decided to offer his services to train Jaspar. He also recruited the help of his son, Skylar, and though there was a large gap in age appearance between the two boys he was certain that they would be able to make it work.

For the next couple of hundred years, Jaspar threw himself into his Craft lessons, weapons and combat training, and even spending time with Madelian and Skylar whenever he had the chance. Though the age difference was apparent between Jaspar and the other two when he was very young and he was more like the little kid that was always trying to tag along with the older ones, that seemed to change as he got older and the difference grew smaller because of his mixed blood. By the time he was around 240 years old, the way he saw Madelian definitely changed as well. She was no longer a person that he saw as an older sister, but instead she became someone that he cared for a great deal and found to be very beautiful. He was too young to really realize it then, but looking back now he knows that this was around the time that he began to fall in love with his Queen.

When Madelian finally decided to give her Offering to the Darkness and leave the Coven, he was devasted. He was thrilled for her and the jewel that she had received of course and he was one of the first to congratulate her for it after she appeared with her new jewel, but she was leaving and it was the first time in his short life that she would not be a part of it. He knew what she was destined to become someday and because of that, he did not complain. Instead, he threw himself into his training and tried to become the best warrior that he could with the aid of Skylar. The reason for the sudden push to get better did not go unnoticed by the man who had become the best friend Jaspar would ever have, but he was kind enough not to say anything about it.

Life remained about the same for him until he was 451 years old. He would study the Black Widow Craft and training with Skylar day in and day out. It was at this time though that the ring finger on his right hand began to hurt and made it difficult to hold a weapon in that hand for any extended amount of time. When he finally made mention of the pain to his mother, she informed him that it meant he had a snake tooth growing in finally and that he was in fact a natural born Black Widow like she had always hoped for. Jaspar did not really care one way or the other since he had always considered himself a Black Widow Warlord Prince and the fact that it was now natural over trained did not affect how he saw himself at all. Though, he was a bit annoyed by the fact that it meant any weapons training was put on hold until after it grew in completely.

He was 579 years old when his life would change once again, though for the better as far as he was concerned. He had decided to give his Offering to the Darkness finally and attempt to find Madelian so that he could stand by her side and help her do what she was destined to do, but it seemed he wouldn't have to actually work that hard to find her. As a surprise for her son, Katrian had asked Madelian to attend the ceremony and wait with her while he was inside. When his eyes fell upon the triple casted witch, he couldn't fight the urge to give her a big hug as it had been a long time since he had last seen her. He went into his Offering with a light heart and walked out of it the following morning wearing Sapphire.

The following day was one of celebration and when night descended once again, he found himself alone with Madelian... the woman that he was finally coming to realize that he had been in love with since he was much younger. Their relationship changed forever that night and it was a night that he would never regret, even if morning did come far quicker than he would have wanted it to. He left for Court with her the following day, Skylar making the decision to join them as well as he wanted to be a part of the events that would eventually follow.

As time passed and the plans were laid out, Jaspar did his best to stand by Madelian in whatever regard she needed him in... though there were definitely some that he preferred over others, especially when he got to share her bed. He knew that she did not care for him in the same way that he had grown to care for her, but at this point he was content in taking what little she would give him and hope that at some point it would change. Though, that didn't mean that he enjoyed the fact that he probably wasn't the only one sharing her bed and he often got a bit snarly because of that.

When the time came to finally move against the ruler of Askavi, the unthinkable happened and someone beat Madelian to it. His Queen took it harder than anyone else and fell into the Twisted Kingdom. Jaspar did the only thing that he could at that point and that was remain by her side and watch over her until she found her way out. He would descend on occasion and try to reach her, but he simply couldn't descend to the depths that she had escaped to though he tried to let her know that he was there for her regardless. When she did finally find her way out, Jaspar thanked the Darkness for it. He vowed to do his best at that point to make sure that she never slipped into the Twisted Kingdom again since he could not take losing her like that again.

As time passed again and Askavi went to war, Jaspar knew that their time was coming. He could feel the change on the wind and he could see it in the webs that he wove. When news of Morganar's assassination reached them, they all knew that the time had come. He stood by Madelian when they took the Court by force and now stands next to her as First Escort as she tries to change the very nature of the Territory and bring it to what it was always meant to be.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Madelian Ophira (Queen/True Love) - Red to Ebon-gray Jeweled Black Widow Priestess Queen

Skylar Mirandov (Best Friend) - Opal to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince
Keelian Bryde (Good Friend) - Sapphire to Gray Jeweled Priestess

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