The Blood believe that they are the stewards of the land and that they are meant to be the protectors of nature as well as the landens that share the Realms with them. There are three major "religious" concepts that contribute to the society of the Blood.

The first is the concept of the Darkness. It is the literal absence of light and it is the darkness that is associated with fertile soil and a woman's womb, as well as the primordial chaos from which life emerges and ultimately returns.

The second is the concept of Witch, or rather Dreams Made Flesh. Witch's soul and fate is fashioned by the dreams, prayers, and wishes of members of the Blood. Witch is a savior of sorts and is an almost Saint-like figure to the Blood. Witch can be of any female caste or wear any Jewel depending on the dreams that made her. For example, if a plague was sweeping the Realms, people would dream of a Healer who would find a cure and if the dreams are strong enough and the Weavers of Dreams weave right, such a Healer would be born to fulfill that destiny.

The third is the concept of Mother Night. It is often used as an expression of shock, but Mother Night seems to be a female archetype for the Blood. It is almost as if she is some sort of manifestation of the Darkness and is similar to the fertility goddesses like Mother Earth.

The Blood tend to practice a sort of dark, pagan spirituality that places a great deal of reverence with the Darkness. It is also a worship of the land and nature. The rituals and religion in this world are loosely based upon the pagan religions of ancient Europe and modern day Paganism.

The Blood believe that when they die, they will return to the Darkness, unless of course they have become Demon-Dead. They also believe that they will re-incarnate eventually.

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