Basic Information
Race: Dena Nehelian
Age: 20
Caste: Black Widow Healer Queen
Nicknames: For the most part, people tend to refer to her as Nikole or Lady D'Aubergine. Her friends and family however have a tendency to call her Niki. She doesn't really mind the nickname so she lets them do it.
Sexuality: She is straight, though she isn't really interested in dating anyone at all right now.
Social Status: She was born into the Aristocracy and is currently at the top of the social hierarchy since she is a Territory Ruler.
Playby: Anna Lutoskin
Creator: Kristin

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Red (99)
Offering Jewel: Black (91)
Strengths: Nikole has always been a natural when it comes to Healing Craft. She has the empathy that tends to be part of being a natural healer and cares a lot about the people around her. She is really skilled with most basic craft and has always had a natural talent for shields as well. She can throw a defensive shield up in the blink of an eye and she has no problem layering them at all. She doesn't have any difficulty creating shields large enough to protect herself as well as others.
Weaknesses: She is completely hopeless when it comes to hearth craft. She can't seem to ever get the warming spells quite right, making her things way too hot to where they burn or not working at all. She isn't really skilled with her Black Widow Craft either since she just started her training, but that will hopefully get better with time. She also has some difficulty keeping the strength of her Black Jewel leashed when her anger gets the better of her. She is not used to wielding that much power yet and she hasn't fully adjusted to it.


Though Nikole has changed a bit in the last month or so, the core of who she is remains the same and still shines through, though not as much as it once did. She has always been the kind of person that has a good sense of right and wrong. Though she does believe that the world is many shades of gray and not only black and white, there are some things that are just inherently right or wrong and her system of values has been built from that. She has a pretty strong sense of justice and she is the kind of person that has always believed in an eye for an eye. She believes that the blood price paid for doing something wrong needs to be just as mild or severe as the crime itself. The perfect example of that is how she dealt with Sophia. She broke her mind and her Jewels just like the woman had tried to do to her.

She is a kind person by nature and she is the kind of girl that will lend a hand to just about anyone that needs it. She has never really paid too much attention to the social classes really and treats everyone equally, whether they are a member of the Aristocracy or just a commoner. She doesn't really see the point in looking down on someone simply because they come from a different background than she does since she believes that who a person is outweighs where they come from. She is also the kind of person that will do what she believes is right, even if she doesn't necessarily like the outcome. The best example she could give of this at the moment is the fact that she challenged the Queen for the rule of Dena Nehele even though she had absolutely no desire to rule at all. However, it was the right thing to do considering the fact that it means no other young witches will have to be broken by the woman's goons.

Though it is not a side of her that is seen often anymore, Nikole has always enjoyed laughing and joking with her friends. She has a great sense of humor and truly believes that laughter is good for the soul. Though part of her does not actually believe she will ever truly heal after what happened to her, laughing and joking with people she cares about almost makes her think that she will. She actually feels like herself during these short times and there is life in her eyes that just isn't there as much as it used to be anymore. Its like she forgets everything that has happened to her since the attack when she is being goofy and is just simply the light-hearted, free-spirited eighteen year old that she should be.

Nikole is an incredibly stubborn young woman and it is very difficult to change her mind about anything once she has set it. Don't try to get her to do something that she doesn't want to by force or pushing since she will simply dig her heels in and just simply refuse to do budge. You have to be much more subtle with her and convince her that it really is something that she wants or that it might even be her idea... though that is definitely easier said than done. On the flip side, when she has decided to do something, she will do it regardless of what other people think or say. She has sort of learned just not to tell people about what she is wanting to do if she thinks they will try to stop her. Though, that has been a bit harder to do since she became Territory Queen considering the fact that she is always surrounded by people.

She is a bit stubborn in her thoughts and opinions as well, which is to say that once she has decided on something it is rather hard to change her mind. This mainly has to do with people though since she is open to learning and expanding her ideas about nearly everything else. Though she is not really a person to hold a grudge and focus her energy into hating or despising that person, with the exception of one individual of course, she does have a tendency to make decisions about a person's character and hold to those unless she is forced to re-evaluate that person. She tends to put a lot of weight into first impressions and the vibes that she gets from people, though she does not let that form her complete opinion about a person. Even if she decides that you are not of good character, she will not be mean to you simply because that is not the kind of person that she is.

Nikole has always put a lot of faith into her intuition, both when it comes to people and events. Her first impressions of people are rarely wrong, though they have been on occasion. Also, when she gets a gut feeling about something, whether it's a good or bad reaction, she usually listens to it. She has actually left parties before because of a nagging feeling and also shown up at places that she might not have simply because she felt a pull to. She never really understood those feelings before until it came out that she was a natural Black Widow and then it made more sense.

Because she is a natural healer, she has a bit of a natural empathy. She can tell when things are not quite right with people emotionally but also when something is off about them physically, sometimes before they even realize that they are sick or injured. Her mother has trained her well and though she is still young, she has become a fairly adept healer. She wouldn't really want to ever have to see to an entire group of severely injured people on her own since she doesn't have enough confidence in her abilities to do that though.

Nikole does not really have that much of a temper, at least not one that people get to see really. In fact, she responds almost the opposite when she gets truly angry at someone. Instead of leashing out at them, she appears to get much calmer and just simply refrains from saying anything to them at all. Of course, what people don't see is the fact that she is trying to keep a tight leash on her anger and keeping the strength of her Jewels under control so that she does not do something that she will regret. She will respond to people when she has to in a calm voice, though her words tend to be a bit shorter than normal. Sadly, since giving her Offering to the Darkness, she hasn't been quite as good at keep the power of her Jewels leashed but she is definitely working on that.

Overall, Nikole is a kind-natured young woman who enjoys spending time alone, spending time laughing and having fun with friends, and someone who treats everyone fairly. Though she is also a young woman that has become a bit closed recently, even to those that she cares deeply about, and it sometimes feels like she is one million miles away. She has become a bit moody in the sense that one moment she will seem like her old self and be laughing and having fun with friends and the next she will have become a bit more closed off again. She is working on returning to the lighthearted young woman that she once was and as time goes on, more of her old personality shines through. However, it will definitely take time for her to be the person she once was.


Marcel and Keelan met each other at a very young age since their families lived next door to each other and in all honesty, they did not like each other as children at all. Keelan thought that Marcel was a spoiled brat and Marcel simply thought she was a stupid girl. Because their families were friends though, they were often forced to spend time together. Keelan was as cordial as she could be to him though Marcel often made it hard. He would tease her incessantly and would often pick on her simply because he was a young boy and didn't really know what else to do.

As they got a bit older though, Marcel began to look at Keelan in a slightly different way. He began to notice the way that the light hit her strawberry blonde hair and made it shimmer or how her crystal blue eyes sparkled a bit when she was happy. He also found that he was beginning to think of excuses to spend more time with her when their families weren't actually forcing them to be around each other. He tried to fight it at first, insisting that he could not possibly have feelings for Keelan since she was just the silly girl next door and there were far better choices out there for him to be interested in. Though, deep down he knew that his heart had already chosen the girl even if his brain hadn't actually reached that conclusion yet.

It wasn't until they were in their late teens that Marcel finally admitted to himself that he had fallen for the woman. Of course, she had yet to fall for him. She never really understood why he was always finding silly excuses to spend time together and it never once occurred to her that it might be because he actually had feelings for her. In fact, at this point she had a crush on another boy and had never even considered having a relationship with Marcel. It wasn't until the day that she noticed the slightly possessive look in Marcel's eyes when she was speaking to the young Warlord that she did have a crush on that she even realized that the young man that she had known her whole life might think of her as something other than the annoying girl that lived next door.

She honestly had no idea how to react to that realization either since she did not feel the same way. In fact, Keelan did her best to just avoid Marcel so that she wouldn't have to deal with it, though he made that nearly impossible for her. When he finally got the courage to ask her out on a date, Keelan couldn't bring herself to say no. She really didn't think that she would have any fun at all but she could sense how hurt he would be if she said no. It was times like this that she really wished she didn't have the natural empathy that went along with being a healer...

Though, surprisingly Keelan had a lot of fun on their little date and she was able to see a side of Marcel that was different than the little boy that used to pick on her as children. She even found herself agreeing to a second date and a third and before she knew it, she was actually beginning to develop feelings for him as well. They ended up dating for a few years before Marcel finally worked up the courage to propose. Keelan happily accepted and they had a handfasting ceremony the following spring.

They had been married about a year when Keelan gave birth to their only child, a beautiful baby girl whom they named Nikole Angelique. Nikole was a happy baby from the start really and never really fussed all that much. She was perfectly content spending time with her family and also having little play dates with Gabrial, who was the son of her parent's best friends. She hit it off with Gabrial from the start, even before she was old enough to really be able to talk or anything. In fact, by the time she was around five years old, she had already announced to her parents that Gabrial was hers even though she was a bit too young to even realize what that meant really. She just knew that their connection was different than anything else and deep down knew that he was meant to be a part of her court if she were to ever have one. Though, she really doesn't remember saying that to her parents at all.

By the time she was eight years old, Nikole underwent her Birthright Ceremony though everyone in the family was a bit shocked when the young redhead walked away from the ceremony with an Uncut Red Jewel. Her parents were definitely uneasy about this, though it had more to do with what had been happening to young dark jeweled witches than the fact that it was such a dark jewel. Though no one had actually accused the current Queen of this, it was no secret that Sophia Kyran was having anyone who might someday threaten her power broken. Nikole's parents definitely feared that this would happen to their daughter and because of that, the young girl was never left unattended. She had someone with her at all hours of the day, except of course while she was sleeping, and though this used to drive Nikole a little crazy, she understood why her parents did it. She didn't mind too much though as she got older and her parents felt comfortable enough to have just Gabrial around her since she felt like she could really be herself around him.

It was around the time of her Birthright Ceremony that she began showing the signs of being a natural healer, which of course made her mother ecstatic since she was a healer as well. Keelan began training her young daughter in the Healing Craft in addition to the rest of her basic craft lessons at this point. The next shock of Nikole's short life would come shortly before she turned eighteen years old though. It was around that time that she began showing signs of her third caste, Black Widow, which no one had really expected at all. However, she did not seek training in the Black Widow Craft until after she turned eighteen since it was at that time that her nails darkened and the snake tooth grew in, confirming what the other symptoms had only suggested.

One of the symptoms that I speak of are the semi-prophetic dreams that Nikole began to have. They never really made all that much sense to her really and tended to be a bit hazy since she didn't possess the skills to truly interpret her dreams yet, but she did understand the sense that something very bad was going to happen to her and that it would happen in the near future. She mentioned the dreams briefly to her parents and Gabrial but since they were so hazy, nothing could really be done about them.

Shortly after she turned eighteen years old, her parents went on a trip to Brentyn to visit some friends, leaving her alone in their house. She spent the day dragging Gabrial into all of the shops that she wanted to go into and enjoyed a nice supper with him before convincing him that it would be perfectly alright if she stayed in her house by herself that night since it was highly unlikely that anything would happen. It took quite a lot of effort on her part really, but eventually he agreed to give her some space and said goodbye after walking her home. It wasn't until she was already in her room that she noticed the unfamiliar psychic scent and realized that she wasn't alone. The man had been sent by the Queen to break her and had decided to use the fact that her parents were out of town to his advantage. He attacked her and speared her before she even really had time to react. She retreated into herself, falling towards the abyss and though she fell out of control towards the Red shimmering web at first, she had enough sense of what would happen if she crashed through it to regain control. She also had enough sense to call Gabrial on the Sapphire thread though she knew that he would never make it in time.

When her best friend finally arrived, the man had already finished and escaped so all Gabrial saw was Nikole curled up in a ball on the bloody sheets. She could feel his rage and despair at the thought that she might have been broken lash out through the room before her finally swept her up in her arms and got her out of there. Once back at his house, she was examined by a healer and the physical damage was mended though they would have to wait and see if she was broken or not since Nikole had retreated so far into herself at this point that no one could really tell. It took three days of emotional healing before Nikole finally came out of herself far enough to speak and everyone was relieved to see that her mind and Jewel was still in tact.

She spent the rest of the week recovering as best as she could and thinking about everything that had happened to her as well as the fact that it would probably continue to happen to other young witches unless someone did something about it. It was at that point that she decided that even though she had no intentions of ruling Dena Nehele, she couldn't stand by and let this happen to someone else. She decided to give her offering in secret and challenge Sophia when the time came. She told Gabrial of her plan knowing that he would keep it to himself since she knew that she would need someone to watch over her while she gave the Offering to the Darkness. They snuck out one night since Nikole had decided that it would be better if their parents didn't know what she was planning since the four of them would just try to talk her out of it.

When she entered the secluded cave they had chosen for the Offering, she prepared for the Ceremony and spent from sunset to sunrise becoming one with the Darkness. When she walked out of the cave, she showed Gabrial the Uncut Black Jewel that she had received before she collapsed from exhaustion. He carried her back to his house, where she had been staying since she simply couldn't bring herself to go back into her room yet. She vaguely remembers both of their parents interrogating him as to where they had been but she honestly has no idea what he told them since she had drifted off to sleep in his arms by that point.

She spent another couple of days recovering and regaining her strength, hiding the fact that she had even given her Offering at all since for her plan to work that needed to remain a secret. When she felt strong enough, Nikole made her way to Balfor Manor with Gabrial and confronted the Queen with accusations about sending someone to break her. Sophia could sense that Nikole was still weak so she assumed that her Red Jewel would be stronger than the young girl's and therefore commented on how accusations like that made it seem like Nikole was challenging her authority and questioning her morals. When Nikole said that was exactly what she was doing, the challenge for the throne was in place. Before Sophia could really even do anything, Nikole unleashed the power of the Black Jewel that she had received and used it to break the woman's mind and Jewels but let her live. She figured it was only fair since that was exactly what Sophia had intended for her, though this decision could possibly come back to haunt her later on. After the challenge was over, Nikole would have collapsed to the ground once again if Gabrial had not been there to support her. Sophia's court fled with their once Queen, leaving the rule of Dena Nehele to Nikole.

She has now moved into Balfor Manor with her Blood Triangle and is still trying to get her Court in order. She is not the same girl that she once was though, however few people would really notice that except for perhaps her parents and Gabrial, who knows her better than pretty much anyone. Though the man had failed to break her, something inside of her definitely broke that day and it is a part of her that will take time to mend if it is ever going to happen. She does not do well with physical contact when it comes to men and this even applies to Gabrial even though she knows deep down that he would never hurt her. She also feels insanely guilty since she knows Gabrial blames himself for what happened to her even though there was nothing that he could have done. If she hadn't convinced him to leave her alone for the night, it might not have happened and both of their lives would be very different at this point. That is why she feels so guilty about it. She has been ruling as Queen of Dena Nehele for almost a year now and it has certainly been a year that she will never forget. She learned more about herself as a person and how strong she truly could be when she had to, but she also learned that she has become quite good at hiding what she is truly feeling from those around her.

It seems that the Darkness is trying to test her though, or at least that is how she views the last year of her life so far. First, she had to deal with the attempt at being broken, which she has buried as deep as she could inside of herself instead of actually dealing with it. Then, she had to deal with the loss of her best friend and the man that she loved as much as she was capable of at the moment. That loss has affected her deeply and she has drawn even further within herself to escape the pain. That loss has also made her even more determined to remember something about the man that had raped her because now she wants to make him suffer just as much as she has.

Current Plot
Life has been difficult for Nikole since she turned eighteen years old, and it does not appear to be getting any easier for her. Almost a year after she took the throne, she lost the man that was her best friend and the love of her life (even if she hadn't ever told him) to the same person that had raped her. That tragedy hit her Court hard, but she is beginning to cope and finally trying to blossom into the Queen she feels that she is expected to be. She hopes to open communication with the Territories that border hers as well as put the past behind her and move on with her life. That is becoming more and more difficult now that the nightmares have begun to plague her however and eventually she is going to have to come to grips with the event her mind has tried so hard to bury for the last few years.

Current Relationships
Marcel D'Aubergine (father) - Green to Sapphire Jeweled Warlord

Keelan D'Aubergine (mother) - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Healer
Isaiah Sullivan (friend) - Red to Black Jeweled Warlord Prince
Everett Devereaux (Steward) - Red to Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince
Benjamin Valmont (friend) - Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Jeweled Warlord
Fenn (friend) - Rose to Opal Jeweled Prince
Suline Baudin (ward) - White Jeweled Healer
Margaret O'Hara (friend) - Purple Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow
Donovan Cluney (butler) - Yellow to Summer-sky Jeweled Warlord

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