Riley Aldrich
Riley Felicia Aldrich
Race: Dena Nehele
Age: 28
Caste: Queen
Nicknames: Riley, Riles
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Aristo
Playby: Kate Hudson
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Rose (96)
Offering Jewel: Purple Dusk (29)
Strengths: Riley spent a lot of time helping her Nanny with her sisters, she enjoyed it, so she picked up quite a bit of hearth craft. A tad bit of healing craft to help with her younger sisters was also picked up, like crapes, scratches, and to heal bruises. Training in her craft caste for Queen was carefully taught to her by various tutors.
Weaknesses: While she can use a bit of healing craft, she is by no means a healer. She knows no ritual craft like Priestesses learn, nor any craft that is learned by Black Widows. While she knows quite a bit of hearth craft she is by no means a hearth witch, and while she could survive without one, it would not be all that comfortable or pleasant.


Riley is the natural mediator between her sisters especially. She grew into the position but its one she's never liked very well. She loves her younger sisters, would do just about anything for them, but sometimes they drive her crazy. When that happens shes not sure if she wants to pull our her own hair, or theirs.

Riley is a Queen. She's devoted to the Land and her people, both Blood and Laden alike. It smarts, an almost bitter irony, that all her parents wanted of her and her sisters was to boost their prestige and make them more powerful, and that's exactly what happened. Not only did one of their daughters become Province Queen, but all three, and all District Rulers as well. A feather in their cap so to speak. She hates that.

She is calm and even tempered, patient and responsible, and totally devoted to her duties, her sisters, and her son. A secret part of her longs to rebel in some small way. That was why she got the tattoo that her parents don't know about, a secret victory that she cherishes. She will walk around her home barefoot, something her parents always chided her about, that a Lady needed to be ready to move at a moment's notice. She enjoys a glass of wine before she goes to bed, but after she's tucked Gabriel in and kissed him goodnight. Her favorite...skinny dipping in the lake on her property at night when no one is around or awake. Little rebellious victories that make light worth living, something to make her heart beat rapidly.


Carrigan and Harvey Aldrich had Riley first, Hadley followed her older sister, and Cassidy was the last daughter born. It was startlingly obvious that each daughter was a Queen, near unheard of for all daughters of a family to be born to the rarest caste, but it happened.

Riley was five years old when Hadley was born. She'd been mostly raised by a nanny, brought out to be patted on the head when she'd done her lessons well by her parents. She was showed off in pretty dresses at parties before being sent back to her nursery. So when she had a new baby sister, someone to love, she was excited. She did everything she could to help her nanny with her sister. She was nine years old when Cassidy was born, and Hadley was four. Yet another sister. Yet another Queen. She helped her nanny with her sisters, loving them more than she did her often absent parents

Riley didn't work hard at her studies and lessons, they came to her almost naturally with little effort. She always wished it would have been a little harder for her, so she could have tried harder instead of it just coming.

When she was twenty she met Don Murry. His family was a minor aristocracy, but a poor branch that had squandered their money. He was handsome, and sweet, and charming, and Riley fell for him quickly and completely. Her parents did everything they could to keep her away from him. They talked about duty and honor, about marring someone worthy of her and the Aldrich name.

Sebastian was their least favorite choice of young men she could have taken an interest in, they tried to persuade her to chose another more worthy man, but she was in love. They tried to forbid her to see him. It only served to drive her into his arms. She loved him, and when she was twenty one they eloped. Her parents were furious, but the deed was done, and they soothed themselves that while he hadn't been who they wanted her to marry his family was respected enough.

Shortly after her elopement her parents betrothed young Cassidy to a son of one of their "friends". Riley wondered if they did that to set Cassidy with someone they found 'worthy' rather than risk her picking someone unsuitable as Riley had. A tragedy struck the family. On the eve of Hadley's eighteen birthday she disappeared.

Riley kept in touch with her youngest sister, but she had no idea how to go about searching for Hadley. Riley came home a few months after her younger sister disappeared to find her husband naked in their bed with another woman. She managed to stagger out of the house, not knowing if he knew he'd been caught or not. Angry beyond belief, she didn't give him the chance to explain. She was done being used. Besides what explanation could there be? She divorced him and never went looking for him again. Unless he would come to see her, she never saw him, she even moved to another village in another District. She was three months pregnant.

When Hadley reestablished a connection her heart was lighter. She tried not to pry into Hadley's missing years. When, if, her sister wanted to share with her she would. If she didn't...she wouldn't manipulate her sister into telling her. Sophia fell, as did the Queen of Brentyn, opening up a Province for Riley to rule, but she didn't want to rule alone.

She suggested the shared ruler-ship of Brentyn to her sisters. Each of them ruling a District on their own, a joint Court ruling the Province together, all three of them. Cassidy said yes immediately, but she had a year to wait to make her Offering to the darkness. Hadley agreed to help her rule the District that would be Cassidy's until she came of age and made her Offering.

The year passed quickly, she was kept busy with the Province, her District and helping Hadley with Cassidy's, and with her son. Her son, Gabriel who was the light of her life. She cherished him and kept him close, raising him herself and only handing him off to a nanny when she absolutely couldn't care for him. Her child would not grow as she and her sisters had.

Cassidy made her Offering and walked away wearing the Opal, the darkest Jewels of the Sisters, and she took her place as ruler of her District. And they have a Province to run.

While Riley is concerned about ruling the Province as they are she knows they can do it. No, what worries her more is her son. Its only five years until his Birthright Ceremony, and she has a hard decision to make in that time. Some would say she's silly for worrying about it. After all she has five years. But she knows how quickly those five years will pass, and its a hard decision to make. To acknowledge paternity of her son to Sebastian. If she does her ex-husband could come and take him, and no one would deny him that right if she did. After all, a son, once acknowledged, belonged to his father. Or deny paternity, and brand her child a bastard, but remove the possibility that Sebastian could take Gabriel from her. A hard choice, but one that will need to be made.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Gabriel Aldrich (Son) - Un-Jeweled Prince


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