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Landmark Information
Shal’s Keep is a massive stone building, insulated well in order to be kept cool in the spring and summer, and warm in the fall and winter. Decorated with dark woods throughout the structure, and set in the wild grassland plains of Shalador, Shal’s Keep has beautiful sights abound. Shal’s Keep is largely for guests and official visitors, much too lavish for most of the Shaladorian population, even the few aristocratic.

While there are rooms for the Territory Court, and a few full time servants, it uses the nearby village for most of their shopping needs. Separate buildings behind the Keep, used for barracks for single guards, and a large stable for the horses. Most of the guards live in the nearby village, however, the barracks usually lived in by single men. A good sized garden separates the Keep from the barracks and stables, a nice walk, but nothing strenuous.

Shal’s Keep was once owned by a particular family and Clan, but Shal, the Ruler who united Shalador, put it aside. Shal’s keep does not belong to any one person or family, or Clan. Shal’s Keep belongs to the Territory, and whoever is the current Ruler of Shalador lives within the Keep for so long as they rule, usually accompanied by those in the Court.

Landmark Information Written by Jessica

The Staff
  • Seneschal: Open
  • Butler: Open
  • Head Cook: Open
  • Head Gardener: Open
  • Stable Mistress: Tony Stoddard, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Jeweled Witch
  • Guards: Open
  • Footmen: Open
  • Maids: Open
  • Other Staff: Open
  • Slaves: Denri Aeling, Green to Red Jeweled Warlord

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