The Blood Court is about serving a Queen, honoring the Darkness, and following Blood Law and Protocol. Its also a job, like our normal nine-to-fives. They get days off and they get paid. Some make this their career, either to a Queen or to a Territory (like a politician) and some just take the job to earn money for their families and/or themselves. That being said the weight, value, and views of the Court are often differentiated depending on how the person/people view their job. This could be their calling or just a way to pay the bills. Doesn't make one less right, or more right, than the other, just a simple fact.

The Queen
The Queen is one of the more explained pieces of the Court. She serves and Heals the Land (the only caste that can). She is the heart of the Blood, their moral center. She rules with the support of twelve males who form her First Circle and her Blood Triangle. Everything else builds from there. She is the absolute ruler of her territory, weather its a village or the Territory itself, and so long as she follows Blood Law and Protocol, her word is law. She performs the Queen's Gift, often once a year, by pouring power and/or blood into the earth to sustain it, revive it, and help things grow. The Queen also has the duty of taking young Queens under their wings to instruct them in how to rule. When this is done the Queen is required to either chaperon the younger Queen, or ensure she has a chaperon, at all times. The young Queen also then becomes the duty of the Court, and Queen, to protect.

The Steward
One third of the Queen's Blood Triangle, the Steward is in charge of organization. He keeps track of information like tithes from the lower Courts, he seems to organize appointments with the Queen. He makes sure the Queen rests when she needs to, and uses Protocol to force her into rests if she needs it but resists (a duty it seems all men of the Court have for their Queen, something called fussing).

The Master of the Guard
One third of the Queen's Blood Triangle, the Master of the Guard is exactly that. He is in charge of training and overseeing the guards and/or escorts that protect the Queen. He is in charge of organizing, with the input of the Steward, safety measures to be taken into account when the Queen travels. And probably to oversee the safety of the Queen while in the safety of the home of the Queen and Court, including but not limited to patrols and stationed guards. The Master of the Guard, when he feels that the Queen or Ladies of the Court are in danger on home territory, can request (IE demand, order) the First Escort to remain with the Queen. This is rarely used because the Queen is supposed to be safe on home territory.

The First Escort/Consort
One third of the Queen's Blood Triangle, the First Escort and Consort share a lot of duties. As to paraphrase the books, the First Escort duties stop at the Queen's Bedroom door. The First Escort/Consort is the Queen companion, he is her companion at social and political functions. He is also a personal bodyguard. He is the LAST line of defense between the Queen and harm. If the Master of the Guard feels that the Queen, or ladies of the Court, are in danger, they can request (IE. demand/order) that the First Escort/Consort stay with the Queen for the evening. This request is rarely made as the Court and Queen are supposed to be safe on home territory. The First Escort/Consort also seems to fuss at the Queen, ensuring she rests, especially on the days of her Moontimes when a woman is in pain or vulnerable.

The First Circle
This is the untitled nine males who serve the Queen as part of her First Circle but do not contain specific titles. They seem to stand in as semi-official escorts when the First Escort/Consort is busy or unable to preform his duties, or for escort duties that are not seriously dangerous (such as a trip to the home village of the Court). These males are also guards and protectors, but more, they are enforcers. They enforce her laws, providing Queen's Justice when called upon and making sure her laws are carried out. They also, like the rest of the men in the Court, seem to fuss at the Queen, ensuring she rests, especially on the days of her Moontimes when a woman is in pain or vulnerable. The First Circle must be a minimum of nine males but it can include females as well and be more than nine in total. It is the highest of the untitled members of the Court and usually the most trusted members and dear friends. The other circles expand from there, but also usually include at least nine people.

The Lower Circles
A Court position is a commitment, sworn by signing a contract, but it is also a job. Its neither necessary nor required for Court Members to live with the Queen they serve. These jobs are paid by the tithe that the Queen and Court receive during the change of the seasons. Some Courts only need the Triangle and First Circle, while other Courts need more members. The Circles represent different levels of trust and importance (Second Circle, Third Circle etc.), but are not intended as insults. Its reasonable that a Queen doesn't trust all males equally, nor will all males be drawn to the same Queen. Second Circle members are still trusted to interact personally with the Queen, but they are not quiet the close companions as the First Circle members. The lower circles are still jobs and need to be paid for the most part. With the exception of young adults who are in training (think interns). These lower circles of the Court are still members of the Court and have their own duties. They could be message couriers, guards, enforcers, and escorts (usually for visitors or dignitaries).

The Court Healer
The Healer of the Court is not only the personal Healer of the Queen. She also sees to any injuries sustained by members of the Court and visitors of the Court. The Healer is not necessary, but it does make Court life easier to deal with.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess serves the Court in many ways. She guards an altar, she offers advice, and she can be a trusted confidant. To Queen and Court. She takes care of the altar, the histories of the Blood, and presides over rituals like a Marriage, Handfastings, Birthright Ceremony, and Offerings to the Darkness. She take care of and guards the record of paternity for children, listings their Birthright Jewels and Offering Jewels as well as castes. She sends this information to the Keep at Ebon Askavi so it can be preserved.

The Head of the Hourglass Coven
The Head of the Hourglass Coven is a Black Widow. She, like the Healer or the Priestess, presides over her specialized Craft. She can spin tangled webs of dreams and visions for the Queen. She can aid the Healer in poisons and their antidotes.

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