The Conti family are age old friends of the DiCosmas. Their properites are near enough to one another that they have maintained a friendship, or at the very least, civility across centuries. As their relationship has always been at least civil and not outright enemies their support for DiCosmas grew when a Queen was born among the family and Kaerissa took the girl under her wing.

Their ambitions is to move up in the ranks of the Hundred, hopefully by putting their daughter as a puppet Queen. As the DiCosma Queen is grooming their daughter for a ruling position they hope to further move up. They are even now searching for a family for their daughter to marry into to increase both their rank and fortune. They want to get in the top fifty of the Hundred Families, and they are willing to sacrifice almost anything to get it, and keep it.

They are ranked number 65 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Rosalia Conti - daughter

Matilda Conti - mother (married into De Luca)

Loosely affiliated with the...

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...

Extreme hatred for the...

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