If there is one thing that can be said on the Costa's it is that they hedge their bets. They dislike taking sides in inner-Family feuds and prefer to play neutral parties if at all possible. When they make a promise and declare themselves though, they are stubborn and stick to it, even if they later find themselves in the wrong. Nothing is more important than their word, and as such they rarely give it.

They would like to increase their rank, standing, and fortune but when they are hesitant to give their word and prefer to remain neutral it makes it hard for them to advance as quickly as they wish. Luckily they are completely long-lived and enjoy the knowledge that their bloodline is pure. They have plenty of time to increase their standing among the Hundred and their fortunes.

They are ranked number 95 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Maria Costa - mother (married into Moretti)

Lucrezia - daughter
Zita - daughter

Loosely affiliated with the...

Old friends with the...

  • TBD

Not very friendly with the...

Extreme hatred for the...

  • TBD

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