They made their money by buying land, building houses and farms, and letting the commoners farm and live on it. They never had very much land so they were never extremely well off, but they invested wisely and always spent their money carefully. The De Reges have always been lower on the hundred families list because they did not get involved in many political affairs, preferring to guard their own money than to try and risk it to move up the hierarchy. The De Reges have also not produced a queen in many years. It is a family of mostly boys.

The most recent offspring of the De Rege family was Victor De Rege. He married Julia Capello and they have two children. Since his passing the family business has been left to his wife and son. His wife hopes that their son will marry someone a little higher on the food chain and finally get the De Reges their righteous number higher up in the hundred. She had taken good care of the De Rege estates and their tenants since his passing and has also wisely decided to invest a little money and her patronage into the Crimson Kiss, her favorite red moon house.

They are ranked number 81 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Juliana De Rege – Originally Capello

Alana De Rege – Daughter
Giuseppe De Rege – Son
Luca De Reger – Son
Victor De Rege - Husband (Deceased)
Maria Capello - Sister
Romeo Ximoar - Half-Brother

Loosely affiliated with the...

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...
  • TBD

Extreme hatred for the...

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