Prior to Salem becoming the head of the family, Dyres were mostly known for being spitfires with quick tempers and loud mouths. However, until recently they've been very helpful in the Hundred's way of things and were well known to be very useful members in any young court. Their tempers and reputation have lead to the family's ranks being thinned to near nill, however, and recent developments haven't made that all the better...

Lately though, Salem has taken things in a new and very unorthodox direction. He wants to cut out the massive power the Hundreds hold in the least subtle way possible. It hasn't made him all that popular...

They are ranked number 6 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Sharalesca Dyre (Wife, Married in) - Originally Moretti

Salem Dyre
Luce Dyre (Father, Deceased)
Contrallia Dyre (Mother, married in, Deceased) - Originally Verona
No other living branch barring some second or third cousins with different names.

Loosely affiliated with the...

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...
  • TBD

Extreme hatred for the...

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