The Manginis were once close allies with the DiCosmas; so close, in fact, that the DiCosmas had promised that if the Mangini's prize Prince would see Kaerissa DiCosma through her Virgin Night safely, then he'd be given the position as First Escort of Dantalion in exchange. The Queen was not broken, but then just before the finalizations were being made so she could take over the Province, she returned back from a vacation to Dhemlan with a mere commoner and claimed he was going to be her Consort, and Prince Mangini's service was not needed. It was a huge blow, one the rest of the DiCosmas didn't approve of, but Kaerissa held her ground. The result was a split in allegiances, with the Manginis and the DiCosmas becoming enemies, and the other Families having to choose who they would remain ties with. Since the DiCosmas had always been the more powerful, most of those Families sided with them regardless, and the Mangini's position in the heirarchy plummeted. While some of the DiCosmas still want to see fences be mended with the Manginis, it seems rather unlikely, since recently Kaerissa slighted them even more by naming her pet cat as First Escort, much to Prince Mangini's chagrin.

They are ranked number 60 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Emmanuael Mangini

Loosely affiliated with the...
  • TBD

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...

Extreme hatred for the...

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