The Monterubbianesi and the di Medici have long been friends and allies. In fact, detractors of either family often whisper quite loudly that one can never be exactly sure where one ends and the other begins. Both families would not have it any other way. They prefer to stay away from politics when they are able, however they may bring considerable pressure to any political disagreement due to their many affiliations in foreign courts. The Monterubbianesi are heavily entrenched in the shipping trade, sending goods to every corner of Terreille. They would very much like to open up trade with Zuulaman and the Shadow Realm Kaeleer, but thus far have been unsuccessful.

They are ranked number 86 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Giancarlo di Medici

Nicoletta Monterubbianesi - Mother
Lucilla Monterubbianesi - Sister
Fiorenza Monterubbianesi - Maternal Grandmother

Loosely affiliated with the...
  • TBD

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...
  • TBD

Extreme hatred for the...

  • TBD

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