The Sai'Larines can trace their lineage back thousands of years to when they first became wealthy through the buying and selling of property and houses. The Sai'Larine's are old friends with the Dyre family, so although they did not like the way Salem took over, they supported him. The Sai'Larines are a strange sort of family, because although they have considerable power and wealth in Hayll, they spend most of their time in other territories as diplomats, thus blunting their political clout in the inner circles of Hayll's families.

They are ranked number 14 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Farrah Sai'Larine - Grandmother

Demetri Sai'larine - Grandfather
Devahn Sai'Larine - Mother
Damien Troy - Father
Renee Sai'Larine - Daughter
Alissa Sai'Larine - Daugher
Even Troy - Son

Loosely affiliated with the...
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Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...
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Extreme hatred for the...

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